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The crazy stupid part is that the rules become overly complicated that not even a good GA will be able to sort it out. The other crazy stupid is - you NEVER get back an empty seat once it leaves the gate. I would think that most SDCs are from later to earlier flights, not the other way around. Wouldn't it be to your advantage, Delta, to take excess capacity and slide it forward throughout the day?
Yep. All of my SDC are to earlier flights and I usually do it while on the road to the airport usually well under 3 hours prior to departure. I've even SDC to a flight that was F0Y1 and the flight left with many many empty seats.

Interesting enough the last time I did a same day confirmed (the other week) was on a flight from JFK-DCA (on a later flight). The flight had full availability 9s in all buckets but for some reason when I went to check in the agent said I was "standby" for the flight which confused me because I was also 1 for 1 on the upgrade list. He said they have you on standby for coach and for first class. He fixed it and assigned me a seat and by the time I got to the Sky Club my upgrade already cleared.
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