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Expect delays with them, broken planes, and being shuttled around with nobody really knowing what's going on.

I flew them in January and was cracking up on the plane due to a screw up onboard. Like most airlines now, they charge extra for exit row seating that has more legroom. An older and larger German couple next to me had paid extra for this, and there was a last minute plane swap that meant row 14 was no longer an exit row, but row 12 was. So, the people sitting a few rows up had extra legroom and we were in standard economy. They made a stink about it to the FA, and the FA went to go to the GA to see what could be done. While they were waiting for the FA to come back, there was an PA advertisement announcement for paying a little extra for exit row seats!! I laughed and found the humor in it, but the German couple didn't. Eventually they got two people in row 12 to switch - I stayed in row 14 as I didn't pay extra and didn't care for such a short flight.
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