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Unfortunately, you are flying out on LX, which mean you don't get access to the amazing SilverKris (SQ J and F only) lounges. You will only get access to the subpar, but still decent enough, Krisflyer Gold lounges. They are only in T3 and T2, and you are better off going to whichever is closer, as they are nearly the same. I've always found T3 to be pretty busy, T2 less so, but still busy.
LH Biz tickets were entitled to SKL Lounge access in the past and i dont think that has been changed. As LX is part of the LH Group i assume they will be covered under the same arrangement.

I recommend using the lounge in the terminal you are departing. It doesnt make sense to use the T3 lounge if departing in T2. Its justing limiting your time in the lounge and you have to use the skytrain to get to near your gate.
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