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Originally Posted by Seat2C View Post
I understand completely.

I suspected that it was a benefit that you aren't able to take advantage of very often, since you are only on one flight over a two month period. I've done the same with a few programs that I knew I wouldn't use more than a couple of times.

The best way that I see VX working for someone who lives in New York or Boston is if they fly to LA or SFO often.
Sure, but if you fly enough to maintain status- Delta has by far the best first class from JFK to SFO and JFK to LAX. No comparison, free upgrades if you can swing it on a higher tier.

Maybe I'll go from LAS to LAX, then LAX to JFK... could spread that out a bit and see if I can hit the spending. Still need like 450- which to be honest, might not even happen from those two flights. :\

If I do LAS back to SFO then SFO to LAX I get double points on all those (including for earnings) but I'm just adding time in the air I don't really need. :\
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