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Originally Posted by grt2106 View Post
This kinda sucks, I had my status matched in early March and will be flying with VX in mid april. Will be about half way to keeping status... but it's tough to pull those numbers in one month.

Don't see why the promo terms should change so much, yet retain rigidity for those early adopters.
VX is new to status matching and is handling it very poorly at the moment. I am surprised that they don't simply have status matching as a permanent program with a set time period (90 days) to achieve matching requirements.
I'm also surprised that they aren't status matching Alaska, Delta and JetBlue. Alaska has quite a bit of route overlap. Delta and JetBlue have a lot of New York and Boston presence; I'm surprised that VX isn't trying to poach their passengers.

Now, keeping in mind that status matching and loyalty programs are set up to generate additional revenue for the company, I'm going to ask you a couple of critical questions, grt2106.

Did you accept the status match to use the benefits only once? (mid-April flight) Or did your travel plans change radically after you accepted the status match?
It appears that the OP is looking for a 'one and done'; I don't have a problem with that. But if that was your original strategy (one and done), why are you now lamenting a change in status match offer?

Why don't you get the VX credit card; that would mean that you'd only need to earn 3000 flying status points for Silver. That's only $600 spend in tickets. If you're a bit short after your one flight in mid-April, you should be able to do a short weekend trip somewhere to get the remaining points. Problem solved.
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