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Originally Posted by swintec View Post
1) you honestly need to ask why it got shut down? Good lord.

2) Simply trying to apply for a Citi card in the near or long term will tell you if you are able to get another.

Neither of your points are a reason to call and get further departments and eyes on your account and activity.
Originally Posted by jcmitchell21 View Post
His account is already shutdown, additional scrutiny is irrelevant. If my account was shutdown, Citi's president could look at as far as I'm concerned.
Originally Posted by therivler1 View Post
Not irrelevant. Extent of shutdown/blacklist is unknown.

Shutdowns happen. It's part of the risk. Take your lumps, move on, and try again in a few months for a different card.

jmitchell21: ^

swintec, therivler1: ? ? ?? ?? wow!!!

You're on a FT Credit Card forum, and suggesting to use use a hard inquiry to basically test if I'm blacklisted or not?? ok...

There's no doubt I'm blacklisted. What do you mean by 'extent' ? Blacklisted generally means; good bye, f*ck off, don't ever come back. When there's nothing left to lose, why not actually go through the channels and talk to people who did this? High Tier customer service is still treating me like a valued customer (and equally confused), as is Citigold. If in the least I really would like to get this other department's BS reason as jmitchell suggested and then move along. But, perhaps in the conversation a potential better outcome (for me) can be arranged after a little politeness, maybe playing dumb... and well anything else. Why not try?

You seriously think as things are 'right now', that by not talking to them will result in my being able to apply for a new credit card with them in a few months/years ? This is seriously one of those times that you 'have' to talk to them. Why the confusion? As previously mentioned by another member, this is not some 'mistake fare and I'm calling to confirm if I can really get it' or something.

And for those of you interested in an actual update... nope... nothing from Citi yet. No letter that they apparently sent in the mail has arrived, nor a call from their Presidential Unit -- although they did say by Wednesday originally... so... another day to wait I guess.
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