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Originally Posted by tom911 View Post
AA generally does a good job getting volunteers, but once in a while they're just impossible to find, so you may very well be right here. I had a flight on Labor Day weekend two years ago at SFO where only two of us volunteered and they needed three. No matter how much they begged, AA could not find a third passenger to take a $500 bump. They IDBd the third person and paid him around $600 in check with a reroute in a few hours.

If AA was going to IDB part of a group, there could be some significant cash on the line. From the school's viewpoint, which students should get the money if they went along with this? AA might have been able to work around that if the rerouting had them arrive within a short period (is it within 2 hours or original arrival time to avoid compensation for IDB?).
it certainly did go out with 20 seats empty in coach, so that would leave 6 short. surely, one adult could have gone with 6 kids on an alternate flight or connections or other air line to wind up at DC that day. a large group split up like this esp kids , could have managed with a little give and take from all concerned esp since we are talking about only 6 or 7 that could not be accomodated. the GA's were working against the clock frantically, i imagine, but could not satisfy the adult group leaders and they elected not to board the flight unless the whole group could board. there must be a protocol in place to handle a situation like this . not a good morning at that gate, and not a good morning for the disappointed kids either.
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