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Originally Posted by sts603 View Post
Here's what I'm guessing happened:

(5) The school group refused to split up. I can't imagine that there wasn't a second adult who could have accompanied the second group of students.
It's not that simple. First, this throws off logistics at the destination - for example the group needs to get back together again to travel to their lodging. Second, if something happens on one flight and not the other, the group remains split up. But the biggest issue is that a group may not have enough adults to split up - most groups require more than one adult to travel with a group of students, so now you are talking about two additional adults being available to manage the split. Logistics - and liability - are enough of a a headache as it is for any trip with a group of students. Very few leaders, especially those who have managed a group trip before, would ever accept a group of minors being split up for anything other than a dire emergency - and if it were my kid on that trip I would welcome a leader who "went ape" over a request to do so. Airlines need to recognize that splitting up a group of minors must be avoided if at all possible, not just if convenient.

Would AA split up a family just because there were 2 adults?
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