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Originally Posted by sts603 View Post
Here's what I'm guessing happened:

(3) No one volunteered to take a VDB

Honestly, if it went down as above - and assuming there was a second adult - I'll side with AA.
Sounds like a likely chain of events, and the group leader doesn't sound too experienced WRT this kind of stuff so I'm sure he got things mangled. I wonder how quickly AA gave up on the VDB, though, and how sweet they made the offer. This was the 9:20 AM flight. Plenty of routings, plenty of time to make it to DC with little or no delay. Surely they could find at least a few VDBs if they made the offer rich enough. But who knows. Whatever happened, and regardless of who was right, whoever processed the flight should have known that anything involving the words "stranded" and "8th graders" is not going to play well on the evening news. Penny-wise, pound foolish I think!
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