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AA Oversells AA76, Strands 27 8th Graders at LAX

This doesn't look like a good PR move! The video explains things a bit differently from the article. From the video, it sounds like AA told the group leader he'd have to split off some of his students. The group leader refused, so AA denied the entire group boarding, told them they'd have to purchase new tickets, and there were no seats available until Wednesday to boot.

Airline Mix-Up Strands Students at LAX
by Anthony Kurzweil

LOS ANGELES (KTLA) — The principal at a Southern California Catholic school says 27 8th-graders were stranded at LAX after their flight was overbooked.

Frank Loya, principle of St. Benedict’s School in Montebello, said the group of 12-year-olds was supposed to fly to Washington D.C. Monday, but American Airlines overbooked their flight.

“When we got the gate they overbooked the plane and they wanted me to split some of my students,” Loya said.

The group was told by the airline that six students would need to take another flight, and pay full price for six more tickets, according to Loya.

Loya said when they refused to leave some of the kids behind they were told the entire group would have to purchase new tickets on another flight.

American Airlines spokesperson Mary Frances Fagan issued a statement on the ordeal Monday:

“I am aware that we had a situation in Los Angeles this morning where unfortunately we were not able to accommodate all members of the group on our LAX-IAD Flight. We are working with the group leaders to determine how best to transport the group to Northern Virginia.”
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