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Originally Posted by swintec View Post
What battle are you going to try and win exactly? Are you going to tell them what you were doing so they can drill things further down and possibly cause issues for the rest of us?

The less eyes you have on your activity the better.

You were playing the game and "lost". As much as it hurts and stings, the best thing that can be done is move on. I think the Citi black list would be the worst as who knows what sort of promos and cards they have coming down the pipe.
Your post is nonsensical? What battles? Perhaps get my accounts opened? Perhaps find out 'why' my accounts were closed? You think it better to just say 'oh, accounts closed, I'll just move on?'

What am I going to 'lose' at this point? My accounts have been closed. I have a hunch it's a 'blacklist' at the moment. You think they'll just let me apply for all of my cards all over again if I just stay quiet and not talk to the presidential unit?

And if you think my talking to them will somehow mess it up for the rest of you ... uhm... puh-lease.
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