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Originally Posted by thehawk75 View Post
Happened to me. Definitely bought a lot of VR with this card. Now all Citi credit cards 'closed'.

No reason given. CSRs confused. Say the department that did so will call back before Wednesday next week. Can still cash out the points, so, I'm doing so now.

Others have shared similar reports with me... so there is some sort of Citi purge going on. Very common use pattern was enjoying the uncapped 5X points for drug store purchases. Citi themselves of course not admitting anything and calling it 'risky account'.

Prepare... You've been warned...
Hey didnt you charge up 83k worth of spend at 5x? You should know that was way to much you cant abuse it like that .If you got 400k worth of thank you points in a month that cost citi about 3 to 4 grand in the month in 12 months the way you were going you would rack up millions of points so you defintely went to hard.Im shut down at chase so i know how much it sucks but i think if you got a 5k credit line with citi dont charge more than that in a month.5k times 5 still equals 25k typ a month.Slow and steady
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