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Originally Posted by kokonutz View Post
Well, after years of debate the TalkBoard finally did create a forum for such commercial ventures: http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/travel-tools-701/ Tellingly, it has flourished and none of the potential-terribles that were used as excuses to not create it for years ever emerged.

Bottom line: these blogs exist to make money. Sure, some were started as a hobby or a journal. But this is not 2003. This is 2013. Today they are commercial ventures every bit as much as the points and miles programs themselves and the other commercial travel tools providers. WE, the points and miles addicts collectively known as FlyerTalk, are their customers.
Then in that case why is a new forum needed at all? If you consider them commercial ventures such as the commercial travel tools providers, then the the discussions should go in the Travel Tools forum; no need for a new forum.

Most bloggers talk about credit card churn (Milesbuzz) or individual programs (car, hotel, air, credit card forums), & generic travel discussion by them would go in Travelbuzz, so I am still not convinced there is enough of a need to create a separate forum for them.

I also have legitimate concerns about the blogger bashing & nastiness that's been experienced in Milesbuzz being given a new venue.


A # of blogs are still hobbies for people, but my guess is your intent is to focus on the 3-6 that are more of a commercial nature. Is that enough to justify a new forum? Right now, given that there are current forums available such as Travel Tools, Milesbuzz, Travelbuzz & car, hotel, air, credit card forums, I would say no.

I'm leaning against this.

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