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I gotta say that I mainly seconded the motion because I believe all motions deserve the light of day.

Upon further reflection, I am leaning for such a forum. Anyone who decides to create a commercial venture around travel should be fair game for discussion and possible criticism here. Hiding behind a TOS should not be an option once those people decide they're going to take their hobby (probably fueled by FT) and turn it into a way to make money.

I'm not saying we want people to be nasty to others, but I've seen blogs (which may or may not be written by FTers) where the advice seems to be pointed towards what makes the blogger the best referral kickbacks. We should have free reign to discuss these things and it makes perfect sense to have this kind of discussion grouped into one place that people can visit or avoid depending on how they feel. Discussion of a BUSINESS is OK as far as I'm concerned, and it shouldn't matter who runs the business.

I'll follow along this discussion and won't vote for a while, but I'm leaning yes, obviously.
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