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Originally Posted by Eastbay1K View Post
Good points (without quoting all of them )

What is important to discuss, at the outset, is although many of us know these service providers, they must be subject to the same standards as any other service provider when it comes to the TOS, when discussing their respective services, i.e., a bash of Blog-o-Rama is not treated any differently than a bash of United.
My question (and also for my education): If a blogger (call them BLOGGER-X) also uses BLOGGER-X as their F/t handle, then they should be afforded all "the protections" under Ft ToS but if BLOGGER-X posts on F/t as MEMBER-Y then I say the BLOGGER-X is fair game "to bash" as they are not posting under their f/t handle. They may be one in the same person but not in my eyes on F/t.

Now with that, you can see that there is a loophole as if BLOGGER-X knows what they are doing , they use both BLOGGER-X as their blogger name and their F/t handle and thus only their blog & blog post can be commented upon/criticized but not them as a member of F/t.

Originally Posted by kipper View Post
My concerns:
  • Threads will turn into blogger bashing.
  • Bloggers will be self-promoting their blogs, turning it into a commercial forum. I can see anything from, "See my blog for details on..." to, "Please visit my blog," etc. There's enough of the blogger self-promotion in signatures and such.
These are my concerns as well and as of now, I am leaning no on this.
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