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As the maker of this motion, allow me an opening statement:

Travel, points and miles blogs are here to stay and with current credit card affiliate payouts they are multiplying like bunnies (speaking of bunnies, I still don't understand how the Easter Bunny lays eggs...but I suppose that's a question for OMNI...).

These blogs are commercial points and miles service providers every bit as much as Mileage Plus, Starwood Preferred Guest, Inside Flyer Magazine or KVS or ExpertFlyer.

FlyerTalkers need and deserve a place to discuss them, dissect them and separate the wheat from the chaff every bit as much as we need and deserve a place to discuss, dissect and judge the mileage programs themselves and the other commercial ventures that support our points and miles addictions.

As for the oft-stated concern that this forum will spawn threads that only bash the blogs, I can only say that the blogs, like the points programs themselves and the other commercial points and miles service providers, they will be talked about on their relative merits. When Mileage Plus blows up the Million Miler program, it gets pilloried here on FlyerTalk. When KVS is missing an airline's information, folks go nutz here on FlyerTalk. Being in business means taking the compliments when you do well but also criticism when your business fails to meet your customers' expectations.

Some say, hey, this is different we KNOW these people who run blog sites. It's not like saying 'Smisek is a an acillary revenue whore who has ruined MileagePlus' because we have never actually met or had a beer with Jeff Smisek. But I submit that it is the exact same. First, many here actually HAVE met Smisek. Second, they are all heads of a commercial points and miles venture. As such, they should be treated the same.

More to the point, all of the same concerns were expressed about creating a forum for travel tools, some of which were created by FlyerTalkers: Oh, it will turn into a bash-fest against people we know and who post here!

Well, after years of debate the TalkBoard finally did create a forum for such commercial ventures: http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/travel-tools-701/ Tellingly, it has flourished and none of the potential-terribles that were used as excuses to not create it for years ever emerged.

Bottom line: these blogs exist to make money. Sure, some were started as a hobby or a journal. But this is not 2003. This is 2013. Today they are commercial ventures every bit as much as the points and miles programs themselves and the other commercial travel tools providers. WE, the points and miles addicts collectively known as FlyerTalk, are their customers.

We deserve a place to analyze, dissect and discuss these points and miles commercial service providers.
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