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Originally Posted by andymo99 View Post
As leaked in another thread, changes are coming to SDC.

I have some details shared with me by DL insiders.

Here are the notable planned* changes:
  • The desired flight must have availability in the originally ticketed fare bucket, not just the same cabin of service.
  • Fee waiver for GM/PM/DM only applies if the desired new flight is within 3 hours (before/after) the ticketed flight. Otherwise, $50 fee applies.
  • The SDC request must be made before the departure time and on the same day as the ticketed flight. (You don't have to wait until 3 hours before the desired flight.) With redeye flights, it can be on the same day or the prior day.

Some additional comments:
  • If on a redeye (say a 1am departure), you can move to any time the prior day.
  • You can SDC a single ticket multiple times. I can foresee GM/PM/DM doing this repeatedly to change a 5pm departure to 6am withouth paying the $50 fee for >3 hours.
  • Still not allowed on int'l itins.
Interesting. I do like that you can call or go online to SDC starting earlier in the day, which means if I can plan a little bit more in advance (and call right at midnight and know if I can SDC versus waking up at 4 am to maybe SDC onto that 7 AM flight from the 9 AM).

I wonder if the $50 fee will apply to 3 hours from your ORIGINAL flight or if anyone will be able to do as you point out and SDC throughout the flights during the day to get to the one they want (which may prove difficult with the fare class requirement).
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