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Originally Posted by horseymen:20470800
It's hard to explain what I want - but what I think I want isn't very hard to get - but I want to pay someone who knows more than I do to sit and just email back and forth - bounce ideas off of me - not even necessarily who has many tricks. But something like "We have all summer, we want to go some place that we can't drive to in a couple of days, this is what we got as far as points - what do you suggest?" For four people - it seems like fees get up to $600 - where this may take an hour conversation over a few days. Any ideas on lower-cost booking services for newbies when the challenge isn't particularly hard - but it's a first time award booking for them and they want to pay for the handholding/spoon feeding?
To be honest, for that don't use an award booking service, you'd get better results and advice by opening up a thread here on FlyerTalk
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