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Originally Posted by NickB View Post
For such an itinerary, I would rule out a mini: OK for town and proximity driving but I think you will appreciate having at least an eco for longer distance.
We're leaning towards the 4Dr econ as the Fiat 500 doesn't have much space to stash bags out of sight. The 500 uses the same platform (and has the same dimensions) as a Fiat Panda which we've found to be adequate.

You also need to factor in that diesel models tend to have a higher mpg than their petrol counterparts. If the difference is only $30 between a petrol eco and a diesel eco, i would have thought that you would easily make up the difference on that kind of an itinerary (assuming that $30 is the difference for the whole of the rental).[/QUOTE]

I know diesel has an approximate 11% energy density advantage over petrol/gasoline so one should factor in the 15% price advantage and add 10-11% fuel density advantage over that, so in my original example, that 516 fuel bill would have been 27% more if I had gone for essence? Looks like diesel is the way to go. Now to make sure I book at a non-airport/non-rail station pickup location (fees for those are exorbitant).
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