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Originally Posted by mapsgl View Post
For those that don't use frequently, Why not remove the batteries from the scale in between uses?
I've bought both dollar store and Duracell versions of this battery- they start to drain after the first intial use. Even removing them after using, they die quickly. I find that for travelling, especially in some locations, they arent the easiest (or cheapest) to find. Sure I can buy a bunch and travel with extras, but I am at the point where there has to be an easier way.
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To use it you weigh yourself, then weigh yourself again holding your luggage. Simple subtraction and you know how much your suitcase weighs.

If I have the room to spare I'll pack the scale home. If not I just leave it in the hotel bathroom.
Yes, I recall this exercise..still do it some times, but not something I really want to do anymore.
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