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Originally Posted by tcook052 View Post
IMHO discussing an individuals blog and what many may view as a gigantic, faceless global corporation very different things and could forsee a very contentious and adversarial atmosphere that could turn toxic more often than not if a blogger feels their livelihood under threat.

What about the bloggers that are here? Would we be allowed to discuss those FTers who do run their own blogs but also particpate in FT? That doesn't serve to foster a "community" atmosphere if some members are singled out for public debate in such a fashion.

Where would the "blogger" line be drawn? How could you, for example, distinguish between those that may do it on a part-time basis and those that make a living from it?

There are IMHO too many cons and not enough pros to create such a forum though that is merely MHO and YMMV.
Have to agree w/ the above. I wouldn't be supportive of this.

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