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And as I told Kokonutz, I don't really care if FT/IB takes this suggestion or not. Ironically, if FT / IB doesn't, I'll just go visit another blog that wants to foster this kind of meta-blogger discussion -- TravelBloggerBuzz.

In my mind, gpapadop has demonstrated that the need exists for a place to discuss other blogs. I imagine he started his blog because FT wasn't meeting that need. Simple as that.

I'm not even sure why I'm proposing this -- it's really free strategy consulting to FT / IB. If they can't see that their business is changing by the day and that they run the risk of getting marginalized, so be it. I should probably just go start my own blog -- and truth be told I had considered something akin to what gpapadop is doing, but never found the time. (I think his kids are older than mine, and as such he has 15 minutes more per day to spend on it, LOL!)

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