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Originally Posted by lo2e View Post
I'll preface this by saying that I'm not very familiar with blogs and their role in travel/miles & points/etc., but what topics are discussed on blogs that don't already have a home here on FlyerTalk? Or would the idea of such a forum be to discuss the blog (and it's owner(s), contributor(s), etc.) and not the content of the blog posts?
That's actually the point -- the content of the blogs mostly comes from FT. But more and more of the discussion ends up on the blog. It's not uncommon to see a single blog with more comments on a topic than the original thread on FT! That's scary, and it's a problem for FT / IB's future.

There is also a need to discuss HOW information on the blogs is conveyed. It's not possible to do that on the blog owner's site, because if they don't like your comment, they just delete it. I think that in some small way, we might (MIGHT) bring some added accountability to the blogs if we have an open discussion here on FT about their practices. Think of it as the 'Better Blogger Bureau'. We could even have assign ratings based on how FTers perceive their ethics and business practices.

Face it -- blogs are here to stay (at least as long as affiliate CC income continues). I believe it caught FT / IB flat-footed and are clearly playing catch up. This is an attempt to compete.
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