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Proposal: New forum to discuss bloggers

At the suggestion of kokonutz....

I propose that FT create a forum dedicated to the discussion of bloggers. This could consist of a separate thread dedicated to each blog, or even a sub-forum dedicated to each blog such that a new thread can be started for each post the blogger makes.

The benefits of this as I see them to the FT community:
1. I like to discuss with friends, not a bunch of anons, or worse, anons masquerading as my FT friends.
2. I like to discuss in a neutrally-moderated environment. Many bloggers delete any comment that does not praise them.
3. I like to be able to edit my posts.
4. I like to contribute to the FT community.

The benefits to IB:
1. I can only assume that blogs are prying more and more eyeballs away from FT. The miles and points space is continually evolving, and FT seems slow to adapt. I think this would slow the exodus.

1. This has the potential to be a moderation challenge.
2. Some very loud bloggers will not like the fact that they can be discussed in an environment which they do not control. Accusations of libel and slander will abound. Legal action will be threatened. However, once a blogger turns pro, we are really discussing a business no different than we discuss United or Delta.
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