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P8 (Air Mekong): Ops suspended eff. 3/1/13

Just an FYI thread I suppose... I'm keeping up with the story as it develops just out of curiosity.

There seems to be lots of weird info out there. I flew P8 in January SGN-PQC and had a perfectly pleasurable experience (better than most of my VN flights). The CRJ-900 I was on pretty worn on the inside, but pleasant crew, easy check-in, etc.

I had high hopes for this new private competitor, but it was announced that 2/28 would be their last day of operations as their 4 CRJs were being returned to SkyWest, and they would be seeking a replacement fleet.

This is where it gets interesting, and the info I've gleaned so far:

- There's a claim they couldn't pay their outstanding fuel debt (to the company that supplies and is owned by VN), and was threatened to be cut off if they didn't pay up, so P8 agreed to make daily payments.

- This lead to speculation in the local media that P8 would close shop soon. P8 says "no problem" and that the ceasing of operations related to the return of the fleet and not financial issues.

- Originally it seemed like they had found and would operate A320s starting March 1. Now they have no planes, and are currently seeking either A320s or B737NGs (I think I even saw A320neos thrown into one story).

- According to an interview of P8's director of operations, the upgauge to something like an A320 for a better revenue/cost ratio over the CRJ900.

I guess I'll come back here if anything new happens.
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