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Originally Posted by jb008 View Post
Unless you're not fat and instead significantly taller and broader than the average population that seats were designed for. (e.g., typical college level college bball player build)
I can proudly tell you that I'm 188lbs, 182lbs which is lean muscle, with roughly 5.95% body fat and 6lbs of fat. I have a 30 inch waste, however, I had shoulders like The Rock from WWE or 'Dwayne Johnson' for those to don't know him by the rock. The guy that makes brainless films. However, I fit in all airline seats just fine.

And no, I don't want a date!

Originally Posted by aviatorzz View Post
Haha. I think it was a freefall when dodgeball was removed from gym class. Parents were afraid their skittle chomping, mountain dew slurping child might get hurt. From this, participation trophies started appearing. You got a freaking trophy for just showing up. Then a few years later, a school district in California decided to "outlaw" red pens for fear that the student might have the answer wrong. Somewhere along the way, excuses started to outnumber .......s and now it's anyone's fault but their own and if you don't apologize for calling that person out on it, it becomes a PC term and another law is passed because someone's feelings were hurt.

But yeah, I like having a middle seat free.
I think dodge ball was removed from gym class because of arseholes like me, no shame here! I was determined to whip that ball hard as ever at you, possibly your head too. I was 'that guy' that always did jumps, twist, and bends to 'dodge' the ball. You know, the whole concept of the activity!

Originally Posted by rkb2530 View Post
My wife wants me to lose weight but I get the armrest down just fine.
Duh, it improves sex immensely. Just imagine increased stamina with 20lbs less. You'll have your wife...nevermind . Enjoy your flight and safe travels!!!
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