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Airline: Emirates
Route: Dubai-Geneva
Flight number: EK89
Duration: 7 hours
Aircraft: Boeing 777-200LR
Seats: 1A and 2A

We had a brief look through the shops downstairs then made the long walk to the gate. I remarked to my partner that it was strange that we were going to be in Geneva in a few hours’ time, when it felt like we were in Auckland just yesterday, which was almost true. I was looking forward to this flight as my seat was in 1A, and it was on the relatively new 777-200LR plane.

At the gate they called economy passengers first so we had to wait for about 30 minutes in the boarding area. When we were finally let through we were led down to a waiting area for busses. As I wasn’t at all familiar with Dubai airport, this came as a surprise. After a further wait to get onto the bus, we were off on our way towards the remote gate. It was a very long ride out, and felt like four to five kilometres. Between stepping off the bus and getting onto the plane I got a brief taste of Dubai heat outside. The view of the aircraft from the tarmac and from the flight stairs was great.

Awesome view of the 777-200LR

On board we had chosen seats 1A and 2A as it was a day flight and we wanted to see what a window suite was like. At this point we were probably going to be sick of each other anyway and would appreciate a break The cabin looked fairly full for today’s flight. Dom was served again shortly after settling in, along with the offerings of a newspaper, coffee, hot towel and a praline. We watched various other planes take off before us down the runway as there was a bit of a queue. When it was finally our turn the climb out from Dubai afforded great views, and we were fortunate to be on the correct side of the plane for this.

Home for the next seven hours

Take your pick

Must have some more Dom

Lining up

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