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Airline: Emirates
Route: Melbourne-Dubai
Flight number: Continuation of EK407
Duration: 13 hours
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Seats: 2E and 2F

Back onto the same plane for what I consider to be a very long flight. It would be a good test for how the suites performed in terms of comfort for a real long-haul. This time there was a bit of a hold-up with boarding but we eventually got onto an airbridge dedicated for first class passengers. All 8 seats were occupied in first on tonight’s flight. There were no screaming children in sight, but the first hour or so in the air saw two very large men drinking and talking loudly in the suite opposite to my partner.

Dom again

Same suite

Amenity kit

Flight path

Flight time

Having seen one of those photosynth panoramas featured on another trip report, I decided to take a bunch of photos and try the same process. The result is far from perfect, with lots of stitching errors, but it is fun to play with and look around the suite from the passenger’s perspective. If you don’t have Microsoft’s silverlight you will have to install it to view the panorama. You can drag the image around and zoom in or out. If you’re interested in making your own stitches, go to microsoft’s photosynth website. The first was shot before take-off and the second one later in the flight.

Panorama of cabin

We asked for the pyjamas as we wanted to change into them before take-off. Unfortunately the pyjamas were nowhere to be found. There was a real look of panic on the crews’ faces as they searched the plane for them. At the time we were slightly annoyed at this hiccup but in hindsight this was not at all the crew’s fault and they were the ones who had to deal with the ticked-off passengers. On the amusing side of things the crew were more than happy for us to sleep with our shirts off as long as our suite doors were closed. It’s not every day you get to sleep with your shirt off on a plane. Curiously they did have the slippers available.

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