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When it came for take-off I sat in 2A for a nice window view. It was amusing to have 3 or 4 windows to choose from. At the risk of sounding horribly snobbish, an unexpected side-effect of flying in first was the inability to see the engines as we were so far forward. I was hoping to have a good view of the engines spooling up and hurtling us down the runway, as I’m a bit of a plane nut too (much to my partner’s amusement). The city of Auckland fell away beneath us as we climbed into the night. I ended up watching the take-off on the front-facing camera which was very cool. The screen in each suite is ridiculously large and a pleasure to use. The only ‘problem’ with the enormous suites is that you’ll have difficulty reaching the screen with your hands (as it’s a touchscreen) if you’re buckled in or have your table out for dinner. Very much a case of ‘first world problems’.

Goodbye Auckland, will see you again soon

When we were well into our climb, I had the opportunity to take note of how quiet the cabin was. The engines, as reported in other trip reports, really sounded like just a distant whisper. We were handed menus and then placed our orders for dinner. The ICE entertainment system was a bit difficult to navigate at first but I eventually got my way around it. The headphones that come with each suite are noise cancelling, but nowhere near as comfortable as the Bose QC15’s that we normally carry around. We decided to leave our QC15’s behind as it was one less thing to have to carry, and the emirates headphones were adequate for the few hours that we would be using them.

The minibar in our seats served as a convenient place to store various drinks and tuck them away (most people are aware that they don’t actually chill the contents). You can swap the existing drinks out for whatever is on offer. I ended up keeping a few bottles of water and juice in my minibar over the next few flights to keep up hydration on the longer segments. There is a basket of goodies sitting in each suites but I only took a nutbar once out of it.


It was time for dinner and the enormous table was set up for us with a tablecloth. I had the seared lamb loin appetiser which was cooked beautifully. We both had the cream of cauliflower soup which was lovely and rich. The main dish was the real stunner. It was the snapper fillet with lemon cream sauce. The fish was moist, the gratin potatoes creamy, and the vegetables were a delicious accompaniment. We rounded off dinner with a selection of small delightful desserts.

Seared lamb loin Cajun style

Table setup

Cream of cauliflower soup

Snapper fillet with lemon cream sauce…wonderful

Selected small desserts

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