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Originally Posted by DanMJ775 View Post
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What I will do, however, is write a letter to the airline in question (I won't name them because it isn't their fault but you can probably narrow it down to 2 or 3 if you look at my itinerary) explaining the situation and telling them what happened. Not because I want anything, but just so they stop to think about it. Because if that little POS does it to someone else's laptop, they might not be so lucky to get it working again. I'm not really sure what they could have done to prevent it.
What is the airline supposed to "stop to think about"? You have already admitted that the airline isn't at fault. And you are not sure what they could have done to prevent the incident.

I guess one option would be for the airline to institute a policy where all involved parties and potential witnesses are met and questioned/interviewed by police at the destination. But what else could the airline do? I am almost certain that the airline's management does not want to involve it's employees in resolving disputes between passengers that don't involve the financial or safety interests of the airline. But I could be wrong about that. It wouldn't be the first time.
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