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Emirates First Class on 773ER/772LR AKL-MEL-DXB-GVA, CDG-DXB-MEL-AKL (lots of photos)

This is our trip report of the six flights we took on Emirates first class back in June this year. We have been reading trip reports on flyertalk for a while now and thought that this would be a nice way to give back to the community. This is my first time compiling a report so it might be slightly rough on the edges.

All photos were taken by myself with the now discontinued Canon 550D DSLR paired with the EFS 15-85/3.5-5.6 lens, and processed in Lightroom 4.1. Apologies for the unnatural colour and exposure in some of the photos. Was a beginner with post-processing then and still am.


Emirates Shared Lounge Auckland - this post
Emirates First Class Suites Auckland-Melbourne
Emirates Shared Lounge Melbourne
Emirates First Class Suites Melbourne-Dubai
Emirates First Class Lounge Terminal 3 (older lounge)
Emirates First Class Suites Dubai-Geneva

Easyjet Geneva-Nice

Nice and the French Riviera
Air France Nice-Paris

Paris and Versaille
Lunch at Guy Savoy

Emirates Shared Lounge Paris
Emirates First Class Suites Paris-Dubai
Emirates First Class Lounge Terminal 3 (older lounge)
Emirates First Class Suites Dubai-Melbourne
Emirates Shared Lounge Melbourne
Emirates First Class Suites Melbourne-Auckland and conclusion

Boeing 777 Suite guide


A bit about us. We’re a couple that like to travel as much as we can get away with. My holidays are fairly restricted, but we decided to try and squeeze in a quick trip to Europe to enjoy the summer sun in the Northern hemisphere. My partner needs to be able to stretch out and lie relatively flat on long-haul trips so we were going to travel in business class. Having flown to Europe the previous year on Malaysian’s angled business class seats, I wasn’t terribly keen on repeating the “inevitable downhill slide” experience. We went looking for ways to get to Europe in a fully-flat business class, and came up with some itineraries that involved a mix of airlines e.g. Air NZ and Swiss. These turned out to be fairly pricey, and when we approached our travel agent with our ideas, he pointed out that Etihad had a first class fare to Europe on special.

We had briefly toyed with the idea of flying in first from time to time, but never really took it seriously. It’s a huge sum of cash and most people flying in first on these forums would be doing it via miles. Nevertheless, the sale fare to Etihad brought the price of a trip in first down to semi-sane levels, and our interest was piqued. At the time (and this probably still holds currently?) I was aware of Etihad’s lovely suite product in first, but also that it was not available on all aircraft and certainly not on all routes. Our travel agent suggested that Emirates may be able to match Etihad’s fare. A few days later we got the news that Emirates is happy to match the fare down to the dollar, but that it would be on the 777 aircraft as the A380 suites were reserved as Emirate’s premier product. That wasn’t about to worry us...I’m was sure we’d survive without the on-board shower and different food setup (Since writing this report, Emirates now run the A380 on the Melbourne route too).

Having received this news we talked long and hard about the insanity of our proposal. We’d like to think that we’re a fairly “down to earth” couple and nothing of the ‘DYKWIA’ sort. On any flight in business class we can hardly contain our excitement. The novelty of turning left as you enter the aircraft or heading down a different airbridge is something that will never wear off for us. My partner has flown once on first on a sector with TG many years ago, and I myself have never flown in first. We might just explode with anticipation before even stepping on the plane if we were going to fly on Emirate’s first. Eventually we decided to just bite the bullet and have this as a one-off experience. As we wanted to maximise our time in Europe we decided to fly there and back without taking a night to stop over. Under normal circumstances we would be absolutely exhausted but we were hoping that the we could get some solid sleep in first. Our final routing was AKL-MEL-DXB-GVA, CDG-DXB-MEL-AKL (Auckland-Melbourne-Dubai-Geneva, Paris-Dubai-Melbourne-Auckland).

Courtesy of gcmap.com

The next few months were occupied with watching just about every youtube video we could find showcasing the 777 product, and reading through the few trip reports that cover this. We counted down the days to our trip.

Auckland Emirates Lounge

With the prospect of sitting in Emirate’s first class in just a few hours’ time, waiting around in the Auckland Emirate’s lounge felt like the worst torture that could be inflicted on a person. The lounge itself was spacious, with plenty of seating for everyone at that time of the day. The food options were decent. Of course, the real event was to be on the plane, so we tried to leave as much space in our stomach’s as possible. I ended up having some fruit and a small glass of bubbles to while away the time. It felt like we had to wait for an eternity to board.


Our bird for today

Red carpet

Lounge entrance

Decent food options, but we saved our tummy space for the on-board stuff

Bit of fruit that I had

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