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It sounds like the time to deal with this would have been before the mother and child got off the plane. If the mom continued to deny that her son did anything, then ask the FA to arrange for a police officer to meet the plane at the gate to address the fact that somebody vandalized your laptop.

The officer would have most likely just mediated the matter and facilitated an exchange of contact information, but at least you have someone you can go after in small claims court, if needed.

At this point, unless the airline gives you her information voluntarily, recovering money from this lady is going to be a real headache. Glad your laptop is working again.
I no longer see a need to recover money. The deionized water bottle cost me $4 and the screwdrivers to open up the case were purchased at a local store for $11. For a total investment of 15 buck to open the laptop up, wash it and dry it out, there's no reason to. I don't believe in going after people for no reason at all, anyway. If I hadn't been made whole after the property damage, I'd still be quite pissed. In this case, it was up to me to make myself whole, but them's the breaks.

What I will do, however, is write a letter to the airline in question (I won't name them because it isn't their fault but you can probably narrow it down to 2 or 3 if you look at my itinerary) explaining the situation and telling them what happened. Not because I want anything, but just so they stop to think about it. Because if that little POS does it to someone else's laptop, they might not be so lucky to get it working again. I'm not really sure what they could have done to prevent it.
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