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Spend majority of my time in the CX forum, but first time here in AA!

I'm looking at flights from JFK to YYZ in May. When I checked 2 weeks ago, they were around ~$280 return trip. AC and AA seems to have pretty competitive / exact pricing.

Checked again today and unexpectly found both carriers having them at $185 all in.
I prefer to keep my travel to oneworld, so ignoring the AC flights...
If I use AA 4483 (11:05am) or AA 3819 (2:59pm) for my outbound, the return trip will be $185.
If I use AA 3832 (8:25pm) for outbound, my return trip will be $240.

The later flight works better with my schedule. Question is.....is this flight also a lot more desirable (and fill up more quickly) than the other two? Will there be any chance seeing this later flight at the same price level as the earlier two? Or is this price pretty much firm/as low as it can get?

Thanks in advance!
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