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At the risk of asking a question that's been asked in the previous 38 pages

How good is American with passengers with disabilities? My wife is in a wheelchair, and we've found (perhaps somewhat surprisingly) that USAirways has been the friendliest airline for that, but we haven't tried AA.

For example, most recently we flew a US/UA codeshared routing. The US-operated legs were great -- for each flight, a gate attendant came over to us early to see if we needed anything, told us what time they'd load us on, were very careful with her (custom) wheelchair, and were generally READY for her.

UA, on the other hand, was a mess. We had a connecting flight home, both legs on UA. For the first leg, we were at the gate an hour early, my wife is clearly in a wheelchair, I went over to talk to a gate attendant (once I could FIND one), and in spite of all that, they didn't bother to call for an aisle chair until they were already preboarding, and then tried to blame *us* for delaying the flight ("well you were supposed to be here early" "We WERE").

Then on the connection, they did the SAME THING.

So, what can we expect from AA? Will they be useful like US, useless like UA, or somewhere in the middle?
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