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Originally Posted by wco81 View Post
Do these services charge you even if they can't find exactly what you wanted?

Like if you have to travel on certain dates, only want low awards, not crazy taxes and fees and no crazy layovers?
Well if it's doable, the pros should be able to. Like if you want to fly BA F without fuel surcharges from North America, nobody can do that for you.
Or if you want 4 LH F awards 2 months out, that's not happening either.

Originally Posted by b8b View Post
I can tell you that WorldClassPerks didn't have the expertise to know up-front that a routing was not possible (I've booked a 16 segment route with Aeroplan before and just recently had a 15-segment route booked). After he learned he couldn't do a routing due to MPM (guys like MatthewLAX at UPGRD.com know this like the back of their hand and can calculate this without calling), he actually wanted to charge me just for trying!! WorldClassPerks stated he told me this up front, but I never would have agreed to these terms since there are several award travel services mentioned here that charge less, and even then, don't charge unless you book something.
You mind posting email exchange? We can decide for ourselves.
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