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I'm new to this site and <snip>

My opinion means nothing at this point but here it is anyway: Please keep the OMNI section the way it is. As someone starting out I can tell you I have plenty to do and learn for 180 days/posts that future goodies don't need to be exposed... Something to look forward to
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I try to contribute to things I feel I can help with but we all know, our first few months on here is and should be spent learning and asking questions of those with much more experience than us.
In terms of "join date", seniority doesn't always guarantee knowledge in the world of travel, points and miles. I've been equally stunned by knowledgeable newbies and clueless early birds on FT. Don't be fooled by post counts. They can be deceiving too.

FT is established by sharing and giving. What matters is content and substance. FTers can always learn from one another, no matter how "fresh" the other faces are on FT.
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