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Originally Posted by TailSpin View Post
I'm new to this site and this activity (I'm sure there is another term for it but I am new enough not to know the term). I'm not new to forums of course and participate in a few. This is by far the most active and "information focused" forum that I've sever seen.

My opinion means nothing at this point but here it is anyway: Please keep the OMNI section the way it is. As someone starting out I can tell you I have plenty to do and learn for 180 days/posts that future goodies don't need to be exposed... Something to look forward to
Couldn't have said this better myself. I have been here less than 3 months and am on here hours on end every day (yeah, I know, no life). I have so much to read, absorb and learn that, while I am sure Omni is fun it isn't even on my radar as I joined for the purpose of learning. Once I am more comfortable in my knowledge, I will move on to the purely fun stuff. Althugh I will admit, I have a few favorite hot button topics that I seek out to just sit back and watch the fun (kids in F/J, Seat poachers, DYKWIA, anyone?).

I think at first I would have bristled at adding more posting reqs/time limits but as I delve into this place deeper, I realize there is so much valuable learning to do that one doesn't need to rush the process and demand access to the juicy bits before putting in their time as it were. I try to contribute to things I feel I can help with but we all know, our first few months on here is and should be spent learning and asking questions of those with much more experience than us.
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