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Originally Posted by lin821 View Post
Another legend thread that carries the reoccurring themes:

The problem (or more precisely: the catalyst) is that FT has two indicators next to every post: The date you joined and your post count. This seems to occasionally cause a bit of an awkward personality shift (uppity?) among several (certainly not all) posters with a high post count and/or long-time membership. The hardcore people even bother to look up your "posts per day" ratio as possible means to discredit everything you say, in a committed effort to prove how ridiculous this can get if they try hard enough.

Just consider for a second that in your office you had a colleague who has worked in your firm or industry for over fifteen years and has earned his fair share of experience and acknowledgement (of which you might not know but then it's none of your business). Now, this guy, he transferred to your department about two years ago, even though you didn't get to talk to him all that much because you were working on different projects. Now, suddenly, you find yourself in a meeting with him, trying to solve a problem together:
Never in a thousand years would you dream of dismissing his contributions solely on the basis that he has been in your department "for only two years" and you have only "talked to him 15 times".

I mean, you might do that of course but if you have a good manager who knows how to organise an effective group of people that gets results he will notice and you will not be reviewed as a productive member of your team. Ultimately, that's -> out for you, and nobody will care about your years of service or how much you have "talked per day").

So, as always on the intertubes, it's the old problem of people who are probably insecure or harbour anger for some reason or other, hiding behind their nicknames and perceived status (post count (not content) and time of membership) and dismissing each and every one who they perceive as being "below" them on the basis of the two parameters next to their posts. That's not how people normally behave in a social environment and it is a peculiar appearance on the web but that doesn't make it any more okay or helpful.

That's all I have to say about that... and the thread lin821 linked to (I guess, as a wake-up call?) actually saddens me. Such meta-discussions and ad hominem arguments in full disregard of the actual topic or problem are neither productive nor conducive to a community that wants to prosper and accomplish something.

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