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Originally Posted by b8b View Post
All I can say is that WorldClassPerks simply did *not* have the expertise with Aeroplan that MatthewLAX at UPGRD.com did. I spent far more time helping WorldClassPerks than simply requesting service from UPGRD.com and Award Travel Services.

Disclaimer - The following is just my personal experience and opinion:

The difference is night and day. You will pay less with UPGRD.com and Award Travel Services AND get better expertise.

Why pay more for less or risk getting shaken down for money on an unsuccessful attempt because of lack of award booking knowledge by an "expert"?
B8B - I think you like the concept of a free service and I don't blame you for that!

I am fairly comfortable and acknowledge that there is a ton of skill in this space, but only you and I know what you AGREED on and now you want to claim the opposite.

I wish you luck in your travel plans!
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