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Just finished a stay here last week and won't go into a long review as @m0hamed has done this recently. There has been some interest in the differences between the Park Hyatt vs the Conrad Hilton Maldives so I will give some opinions after visiting both. I am happy to answer via pm in more detail for anyone who desires.

Weather: Just ended a 7 day stay at the PH Maldives compared to a 9 day stay two years ago at the CR Maldives also in February. Feb is dead center the best time to visit the Maldives weather wise. We ended a 16 day run of perfect weather our last evening with a storm that occurred in the middle of the night only.

Transportation: CR wins this for us for two reasons. Time and we like the romanticism of the seaplane ride direct to the resort. Costs are basically the same, but you lose a couple of hours both ways for the PH.

Service: Edge to PH. Was greeted by name daily by GM and host at the PH and never at the CR. Service at bar areas was better at the PH as well. Service wasn't bad at CR otherwise and did seem to operate smoothly.

Room: CR hands down. If you read my earlier posts I am trying to remove my initial room assignment from this equation. We can say with certainty as we experienced two room categories at both resorts and CR wins on size, furnishings and upkeep. This fact is evident as though the CR is a much larger resort there simply isn't near as many people in the public areas. Most people at the CR don't venture as far from their rooms.

Excursions: Edge to CR. This is purely based on a significant price difference for excursions in the two resorts. We thoroughly enjoyed excursions at both resorts.

Spa: Tie. The couples evening massage was really nice at the PH. On the other hand the two different spas at the CR and in room option at the RWV at the CR gave more options.

Food: Edge to Conrad. Food wasn't bad at PH at all. Simply can't compete with the additional dining options, Wine cellar and Underwater restaurant for us.

House reef: Edge to PH. This was difficult for us. It is undeniable that the coral at PH house reef is incredible and circles the island. We snorkeled an average of twice daily at both resorts. We were able to see a noticeable difference in sea creatures at the the CR but I think the possible reason is that the PH reef is so good that they hide more easily here.

Overall beauty of resort: CR wins this. It is the Maldives and both resorts are beautiful but believe during both the day and evening CR wins this one.

Diamond Treatment: Slight edge to CR. This is purely based upon initial room assignment of IMO worst room at the PH. Don't believe there is significant difference between gold and diamond treatment at the CR though.

Summary: When we ended our stay at the PH I say I missed the staff and service more than the resort itself which we absolutely loved at the CR.

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