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Originally Posted by dtremit View Post
Even leaving US out of the picture, you've got a lot more destinations on UA than on AA.
Because, clearly, everyone is clamouring to go on UA metal outside of the US.

Originally Posted by dtremit View Post
As a big network carrier, LH is a lot easier to deal with than BA;
I'll agree with you there... except when their planes go Mx. Then it's a free-for-all.

Originally Posted by dtremit View Post
OW is the only alliance without a Korean carrier.
Who cares? That's like saying SkyTeam is the only alliance with a Saudi Arabian carrier.

Originally Posted by dtremit View Post
It's the only alliance whose US carrier doesn't maintain an Asian hub.
Again, who cares? I think OW has solid Asian hubs in NRT and HKG through its partners. It also has a solid Oceania presence thanks to QF. Does Star have QF? No! If you want to go anywhere in the pacific, then you are likely connecting in Hawai'i or Guam.

Originally Posted by dtremit View Post
As for the "quality over quantity" argument: AirBerlin.
What's wrong with AirBerlin? Star got tonnes of gems that are far worse than AB.

Originally Posted by 787fan View Post
Zero carriers in the whole continent of Africa (marginally if you count Comair).
I suppose that BA/IB/QR/RJ don't count for squat.

Originally Posted by 787fan View Post
US wasn't any crown jewel within Star to begin with, so losing it wasn't a really big deal. And bringing in Sri Lankan isn't going to help much either (that's assuming the hub airport is safe from the separatist militants).
I'd prefer if you guys kept US - believe me.

Originally Posted by sts603 View Post
Frankly, other than SAA, there aren't too many African carriers I want to fly.
+1. Maybe Star will pick up Air Nigeria.

Originally Posted by 787fan View Post
If not for their political unrest, Egyptian is acceptable.
Ahh... Now you make a logical argument. Political unrest.

Originally Posted by 787fan View Post
If we're counting partners, I don't think BA+QR+IB can beat the access that SN+LH+TK gives.
-1, SN/LH are tired and treading water. TK is the only bright spot of the three carriers you mentioned.

Originally Posted by MetricFlyer View Post
Is there any chance that the US-AA merger will be denied by the USA or EU?
Slim to none.

Originally Posted by FWAAA View Post
UCC has approved the deal.


If the unsecured creditors are made whole, then AA didn't trim enough.
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I'll be made whole! Whoopie!!!

Originally Posted by grahampros View Post
pennies on the dollar i'm sure.. "small stake" being the key words
Pennies on the dollar? I'm expecting an Admiral's Club day pass as compensation. That, or I can gift gold status on the new UScAAre.
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