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Freaking out passenger forces plane back to gate

Was leaving PHI last night and we were taxiing for takeoff. Suddenly the pilot stomps on the brakes and gets on the PA, "Sorry folks, someone has decided they don't want to fly with us tonight. We're going back to the gate." It was a huge pain. They had to unload nearly all the luggage while they looked for this woman's luggage. We were late to our destination, people missed connecting flights, it was a mess. While most of us didn't hear any commotion, the pilot told me afterwards that the woman had a panic attack and was "freaking out." He just decided to take her back to the gate to avoid further problems.

I've flown a lot over the years, and I've never seen this happen before. Maybe while still at the gate when the door is open, but nothing like this. Is this a common occurrence witnessed by others? I'm hopeful they have some blacklist system for banning people like this from flying again.
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