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Maybe all this rumor and speculation is wrong.

I was just researching the Surpass card and I clicked on the benefits link for it and it still shows earning the 6 point/$ multipliers at drug stores, etc.

For the regular card, although it is true that it speaks to earning only 3 points/$ at non-HHonor hotel entities, it still mentions earning a 3 point bonus multiplier at various merchants:

Merchants are typically assigned codes and categorized based on what they sell. Eligible purchases will receive only 3 Hilton HHonors Bonus Points if the merchant code is not in a bonus category.
So, the terms and conditions still speak of bonus category merchants. A HHonors hotel never was categorized as a merchant, and it still is not so categorized, so one can hope that they do intend to carry on with such bonus category merchants and nothing in this material states that drug store and intercoms will not be so circumscribed.

This may be the case of an overzealous bureaucrat cutting out a portion of the earning structure to streamline the offering materials but not realizing that there are other entities that multiplier are applied to. On the other hand, it could be that they indeed cut the earnings and forgot to remove this excess language. On the whole, not a very good due diligence job.

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