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Originally Posted by IAH-OIL-TRASH View Post
Well, your wife is lucky she is sitting up front to begin with. It is an error on UA's part that she. She ought to be ecstatic, not whining. Switching seats once on plane is usually pretty easy. Other passenger will be accomodating. It's not that big of a deal.

As for not revoking - there may be someone who was actually entitled to the seat your wife is occupying, so it is a favor. You're benefitting from UA's mistake and now you're annoyed at them? You'd rather the system had work correctly and your wife be in coach? I bet you won't tell your wife that. At worst, you're coming out even on this. At best, you're getting an undeserved if you both end up front.
My gripe is not that my wife got upgraded which appears to be a long-term "feature" of the Continental system as discussed here:

My gripe was that I was given an un-upgradable fare class by United when booking over the phone and should have been upgraded at the same window. Now that window is gone and I know to check the fare classes. In the grand scheme of things working "as documented" by United I am probably coming out even, but as many people would note the system probably should have bumped us both.
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