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I read the newspaper article and also the guys printed case is not visible anymore, but how does anyone figure that a gifted 1K status to a spouse or S/O deserves 6 free GPU's annually? My wife is a 1k because of me and flew 1258 miles in 2012. She didn't do 100K bis and didn't earn any GPU's. Besides screwing, this nice gift of status, totally up what is to be gained except to have UA terminate the entire gesture because of some idiot. A few of his points are very valid, but this spouse 1K thing isn't realistic if in fact he really is going after this particular issue, but I'm sure that others are peeing their pants hoping to get something out of this, and screwing it up for everyone else. I frankly don't see any printed facts supporting a case that this guy is suing because of a failure to gift a 1K spouse (that doesn't fly) 6 free GPU's annually!
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