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Will NOT maintain Honors diamond this year

It's about time to say good bye to HHonors diamond, after spending $$$ in past 5 years to maintain it. I think I made an educated decision because:

(1) Totally no differentiation between diamond and gold - same breakfasts, same lounge access (c'mon, you know what I am talking about), same Internet access, and same upgrades - although HHonors made it official that diamond members may be entitled to a suite upgrade, I'd say my suite upgrade opportunities in 2012 were about the same as those in 2011. Let me put in this way, suite upgrade is totally a hotel-driven initiative - if hotels like to upgrade you to a suite, they will do it without HHonors official rules; if hotels don't, they won't do it anyway.

The only benefit I see diamond pertains to is the ability to reap an addition 25% HHonors points accrual than gold, but that's it.

(2) Increased threshold to maintain diamond - if a diamond status is justified for its value (i.e., more differentiation than gold), I'd happy to give a shot for it no matter how high the bar is raised, but factually, it's never justified.

(3) Easy access to gold status - through Citi Reserve, through MVP, and through visa infinite, you name it...why I should spend $$$ for something I can literally get it for "free"?

(4) This is a personal reason - unfortunately, thanks to the dismal US economy, travel budget got slashed more than 70% this year. Historically, more than 50% of my HHonors stays were funded by my company travel. This year, no way.

There maybe something HHonors can do to make me remotely regain interests to re-qualify for a diamond member in 2013, such as:

(1) Issue 10 suite night-upgrade awards to every diamond member each year (like SPG);

(2) More bonus points accrual for diamond members (75%-100%) and/or further discount for reward redemption than gold;

(3) Complimentary full (American) breakfast for 2 people for diamond across all HHonors properties, including W=A;

(4) Free self parking for diamond at properties charging such a fee.

Oh well, let me keep dreaming...
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