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Aside from the numbers being oddly consistent within a certain range, how is it that two weeks in a row there are photos of prohibited items still in teh suitcase?

Now, these are items allegedly discovered at the checkpoint. So...the item is spotted on the xray, bag check is called, item is found, and...someone races off to get a camera and take a photo of the item while it is still in the bag and the pax is standing by waiting?


I have to laugh at the 'garotte'. I've had something exactly like that (note the mention of the serrated edge) for years. I keep it in my backpack - it's a backpacker's saw. I was pretty skeptical, until the person who gave it to me demonstrated it by sawing a length off a 2x4. It was bought at a generic outdoor gear store.

Of course, it wouldn't sound as impressive if TSA posted "we confiscated a backpacker's camp saw so he couldn't use it to saw someone's head off on the plane".
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