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Ill agree with Zpaul on many of those points. I would also like to add one thing to keep in mind and that is the fact their is a lot more competition in the U.S between the airlines. When you add that in with the constant demand for a $200 round trip ticket from JFK to LAX, eventually you get the current state of the industry. As most of us probably know, it is not cheap to run an airline. The profit these airlines make on one flight is well below where it should be. People love to gripe about how terrible the American airline industry is, but they need to realize, they are one of the main reasons for the decline.

As for the airplanes themselves. In order to keep up with that demand for cheap travel, the airlines choose to fly what they have until the airplane hits the age of retirement or until the cost of maintaining the airplane is no longer cost effective. Just about every legacy carrier (American, Delta, United, US Airways) are replacing older airplanes with newer ones. American Airlines will be getting brand new A321s soon and Delta is replacing their MD-88s and DC-9s with the 88 Boeing 717s they are leasing from Southwest.

As for the A380 being absent from any U.S carrier, the airlines weren't interested in the airplane. It had nothing to do with money. There wasn't a demand for it and only a few American airports can handle the airplane. If they want to buy a bigger airplane, the 747-800 or 777-300 would suffice their needs. As someone said, Americans rarely travel abroad. Personally, I have never been on a sold out international flight on any US carrier heading overseas.

All in all, I believe the industry here is slowly but surely beginning to improve (from the consumers stand point) Like someone said, Delta comes to mind as an airline looking to break the chains. One good thing they have finally realized is the use of 50 seat regional jets was costing them a fortune and they have started phasing them out completely. The regional jet thing is another story in the U.S. Its gotten to the point where most of the domestic flying here is done on a regional jet. Most of the routes flown by regional jets at one time, where flown by mainline. Thats lost revenue I hope to see them get back one day.
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