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Originally Posted by ente_09 View Post
No American carrier purchased the A380, they did not get first crack at the 787 and the first/business classes of Asian and Mideast carriers blow the American products away.

Is this all part of a pattern or just separate issues with separate explanations?
I think it also has to do with the level of partnering that US airlines are doing now. Rather than buy their own A380, they code-share or partner with airlines that do fly it. Even before the advent of the A380, airlines like AA were code-sharing on Qantas services since AA didn't have any 747s of their own. Why buy your own when you can use someone else's?

Most of the US-based LCCs are also introducing premium products that are designed to rival the premium service of most other carriers (not to the extremes of suites in F, but to a reasonable approximation), recognizing that their international premium products were well below par for a very long time.

It's also good to remember that many of these airlines have been flying much longer than many of the other airlines out there, and they already have significant investments in their fleets that can't be disposed of very easily. They have to make due with what they have. AA does have new aircraft on the way, which include the 787, but they need to focus on replacing the aging AC in their current fleet more than expanding the fleet to include the A380.

I don't think that US airlines, as a whole, are in decline; I think that they have different priorities.
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