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Originally Posted by mnredfox View Post
Thanks to javabytes and KVS for (authoritative) this info. Any input from EFV?

I've updated the master ST partner SM award thread (post 1):

Let me know if you guys have any additional input.
It should be clarified that the "faux classic level" issue only applies the AF/KL.com website:

  • When searching for AF Award Availability, KVS Tool users should use the [Awards/SkyTeam] Method only if they are redeeming FB miles and would like to take advantage of this new redemption option.

  • KVS Tool users who are redeeming DL SM (or other partner) miles for AF flights, should use the [Awards/JL-OneWorld] or [Awards/DL-SkyTeam] Method, both of which will display 'true' AF partner Award Availability and neither of which are affected by that issue.

The KVS Tool User Guide has been updated accordingly:

Originally Posted by mikepa View Post
Much appreciate the pointers KVS. (Love your product BTW.)
You're welcome!
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